Maxwell Biotech Group currently has 9 biotech companies in its portfolio, which are engaged in the development of 11 innovative clinical stage drugs.


Myrcludex B —

a peptide inhibiting the penetration of virus into the liver cells

Myrcludex B is a novel drug candidate, being a linear 47-amino acid chemically synthesized peptide. So far it is the single representative of a novel class of anti-HBV molecules, called entry inhibitors. The postulated mechanism of antiviral action is the highly specific and highly stable binding to HBV receptors on the surface of hepatocytes, which misdirects HBV to an unproductive pathway and thereby prevents an infection of the cell. This unique mechanism of action offers the possibility to address the two most important medical needs, namely long-term HBV eradication as well as antiviral activity against hepatitis D virus (HDV).